Thanks to her thoughtful owner, a dog born without back legs has learned to balance on its front legs.

A lovely dog who was âbаndơnеd and allowed to perish has mastered the art of moving around on all fours.

Putol was born without any legs other than her front legs, but she never let that stop her. The six-year-old dog, as seen in this adorable video, has learnt to run incredibly rapidly on her two front paws with the help of her new owner, Danilo Codilego Jr.

Putol, who in the Tagalog dialect of Luzon, The Philippines, literally means “chopped,” is commonly spotted racing and exploring the gutters and side alleys of Quezon City’s Casiguran district with other dogs.

Please allow us to reflect for a moment on the fact that this poor girl has been called “chopped.” A name that is cute and nasty at the same time.

The puppy is a major attraction in the neighborhood despite her dubious reputation because of her fearlessness and love for life.

Danilo, a local truck driver, remarked, “We first met six years ago. At the time, I was a baker’s assistant. Four puppies were brought in by a coworker one day. He was trying to sell each one of them for 5000 pesos (£115/$151).

No one wanted Putol, the pitiful two-legged puppy; the other puppies were sold.

Nothing will irritate you as much as that remark.

They didn’t think she would live very long, Danilo said. The only person who had the strength to take care of her was me. We gambled because we cared about her.

Putol was the only option we had in mind.

unable to think of anything? Willow, Molly, and Coco? I’ve got three ideas right now, buddy.

For the first two years of her life, Putol was unable to walk, but she eventually mastered the skiII by gradually learning to balance herself on her front legs. She now keeps watch over the land and ferociously guards her owner.

Danilo said, “Putol behaves likе a guard dog, barking when a stranger approaches.” She also gets jealous when I focus on another dog. She is a decent and well-likеd community member, except from that.

“Everyone takes care of her, so she doesn’t have any issues when I have to travel for work. She’s not picky. She likе the food we eat. However, because of her siсkness, she is unable to have puppies.

We think she’s too busy having fun to think about puppies at all!

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