Woman Uses Her Money To Reunite Vets With Their Retired Military K9s

Hundreds of dogs are deployed with the US military in foreign countries. They are assigned handlers who take care of the dogs all the time. The primary objectives of dogs vary. For example, some are responsible for searching for bombs, tracking people, and some are trained for search and rеscuе missions, writes www.viral4things.com.

Taylor, a Labrador Retriever, was one of the service dogs working with the US military. She was lovingly called Princess Taylor or Tay-Tay. She had served twice in Afghanistan and was so good at her work that the Taliban placed a bounty on Tay-Tay.

After two years apart, Taylor and Sergeant Hanson finally reunited at the airport. The dog sprinted towards her handler, unable to control her happiness and enthusiasm. The soldier also hugged Oliver to thank her for what she did for him and Tay-Tay.

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