Mom Abandons Helpless Daughter on the Road — Stranger Picks Her up and Raises Her as His Own

A man was going home on an ordinary evening when his life was changed irrevocably. He couldn’t believe what he saw as he shone his phone’s flashlight on an unknown object.

Benkingsley Nwashara never imagined June 15, 2022, would be a day to remember. But it was. The man and his friends saw something unusual lying on the road.

They thought it was a snake or a wood log and moved closer to investigate. None of them were ready for what they discovered.

A Chance Encounter Altered One Man’s Life Forever

Nwashara recalled his fear and nervousness as he shone a light on the unknown object. As soon as he realized what it was, his heartbeat accelerated.

He had stumbled upon a living creature. But it wasn’t a snake—it was a helpless baby girl. She was alone and cold, so the man did something brave.

Amid the advice Nwashara received, people began to ask why the child’s mother âbаndơnеd her.

The Stranger’s Actions Saved a Helpless Baby Girl

Nwashara took the child from the street in Agbani, Enugu state, Nigeria, to the police station. A heavy downpour of rain battered her, and he desperately wanted to help. He recalled:

“Fear [overwhelmed] me as she did not [move] or make any sound.”

The police told Nwashara to take the two-year-old baby home and return the next day. However, he could not bear to leave the child in that condition.

She needed medical attention, so he took her to the hospital. He sharеd“I [saw] she [needed] medical attention. From [that] day, I [became] papa overnight.”

Navigating the Unknowns of Parenthood

After 15 hours of treatment, the baby gradually recovered from her injuriеs. But Nwashara faced another challenge—he did not know how to care for babies, especially regarding proper nutrition.

He sought advice from netizens on the best diet to feed her. Amid the advice Nwashara received, people began to ask why the child’s mother âbаndơnеd her.

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