Baby Born without Nose Looks ‘Amazing’ at 10 after Surgery – Her Mom Always Considered Her ‘Perfect’

Tessa Evans is a ten-year-old girl born with a rare facial anomaly called arhinia. She was born without a nose, which did not develop from the womb.

Tessa’s parents, Grainne and Nathan, said they had a normal pregnancy with no signs of any abnormalities.

So, Gianne admitted that the first look at her baby came as an absolute shock and immediately worried if her newborn daughter would be healthy or even sưrvivе.

Tessa’s condition is so rare that she was one out of 500 million children living with the health issue at the time she was born. Byt, little did they know that Tessa would have doctors working tirelessly to get her the perfect nose.

Tessa’s Parents thought their daughter beautiful from birth.

Tessa was born on the day of love, February 14, 2013. Gianna was happy to be gifted with a beautiful daughter on a day filled with love. Gianna explained that her daughter’s nose did not form from the womb, meaning even her brain does not have a part that recognizes smells.

Nonetheless, she still sees her daughter as the most beautiful girl, and her condition does not take anything away from her because she will forever be extraordinary.

However, the first few weeks of Tessa’s life were difficult. She spent five weeks in intensive care, and at eight days, she underwent surgery that would create a second airway via a tracheostomy tube to allow her to eat and sleep properly.

When Tessa was two, she started her first round of her get nose implants. Giana and Nathan confessed they were in tears the night before the surgery.

Even though they knew the surgery would benefit Tessa in the future, Gianna said: “We thought she was so beautiful and so perfect; to let a surgeon do anything to change her was just heartbreaking.”

Many things were scary for Gianna. At the time of the surgery, she was worried about the fact that Tessa’s surgery was the first of its kind and that she would spend the night without for the first time since her birth.

Luckily Gianna was accommodated by Sick Children’s Trust in London and was only a phone call away, which put her at ease.

For the second surgery, Gianna brought Tessa’s younger brother with her, which also made her feel better. The family was again accommodated by the Sick Children’s Trust.

Their daughter not only has a sense of humor but has been brave throughout her surgeries and gave her mother the most beautiful reaction when she saw her new nose.

Tessa’s Bright Energy and Sense of Humor

During an interview, Tessa joked that the upside of not having a nose was that she could smell all the bad smells, even though she would likе a good whiff of the good scents.

Throughout her upbringing, Tessa’s parents have always told their daughter how gorgeous she looked, with or without a nose.

Although the transplant process has not been entirely smooth, Tessa has stayed strong. Her mother said she hoped one of the implants would stay and not cause further health issues.

Unfortunately, it did, and Tessa had to get one of the implants removed. However, the 10-year-old brings her bright energy to her doctor’s appointments and always fills the room with laughter.

Tessa is also a very smart girl that knows that her body syndrome will not stop her from doing anything she desires. The 10-year-old will still need a few surgeries as she grows older because her implants will need to be replaced every few years until she gets a permanent one when she is a teenager.

Once the permanent one has been inserted, a tattoo artist will do some shading and draw nostrils onto her implant.

Although Tessa and her parents still have a long way to go, they admitted the journey has been emotional as they still need to make regular trips to the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist.

Despite the ups and downs of her life, Tessa is an inspiration to many girls around her. She is appreciative of the work the surgeons have put into her.

Gianna remembered the first time she saw her nose and said, “Mummy, I love my new nose,” which made it all worth it for the mom. Even Instagram users thought Tessa looked beautiful. One commented, “Love this Tessa, you look amazing!”

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