Shattered Dog Struck In Head Wants To Live Despite His Body Shutting Down

“We never stop pleading for him and saying his name in prayer. He continues to struggle mightily to sưrvivе and is in desperate need of prayers.”

The unfortunate little puppy was rеscuеd when a call concerning his cruelty was received. He was allegedly loved by his owner, who became enraged and whacked him. His wounds were really serious. The dog’s tiny skull was swelled, and at first he didn’t respond.

The moment the little puppy arrived at the vet office, he was examined. His future was uncertain because of his head injury. Because he is closely watched, every hour counts. There wouldn’t be much the vet could do if he took a turn for the worse. However, everyone was already so intrigued by the little warrior. He would ensure that the small pup was secure and pain-free with the help of his new humanitarian friends and allies.

Surprisingly, the dog began to get stronger despite the convulsions.


enhance. He was overjoyed to learn that his kennel received visitors of all kinds. He has a wagging tail. It’s amazing that a dog can endure frequent abuse from a human and still regard that person as a buddy.

As the dog improved over time, the doctor developed an excellent treatment strategy that includes anti-seizure medication, a diet high in protein, and lots of love from all his new buddies! The puppy was still healing when we chatted. He needs as many prayers as he can receive because his future is uncertain. Can you send some of that his way? Scroll down and click the play button to see who the puppy warrior is for yourself!


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