15-уеаr-оld Dуing Dоg Survivеs Tо Witnеss His Chеrishеd Humаn’s Wеdding

Dogs are without a doubt the most devoted and considerate animals in existence. It’s challenging to put into words the bond between people and their canine pets. This heartwarming tale explores the strong bonds that may develop between humans and dogs.

Charlie the Bear, Kelly O’Connell’s adored dog, and she first met 15 years ago. The 19-year-old was working as a volunteer at a New York State animal shelter at the time. Due to the fact that he was discovered frozen in a shopping cart, Charlie was only 12 weeks old when he arrived at the shelter. Kelly didn’t initially have any plans to get a puppy, but as soon as she saw the little one, she knew it had to happen. “He entered, and I affirmed. She recalled thinking, “I’m going to take this puppy home.

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After completing veterinary school, Kelly went to Colorado a few years later, when she met James Gavin (also a veterinarian). They decided to move in together immediately after meeting since it was love at first sight (and Charlie, of course). Kelly and James made the decision to wed shortly after. Naturally, they also want Charlie to be present. Unfortunately, a neurological abnormality was discovered in the 15-year-old dog. He’s feeble and getting worse all the time.


His human parents feared he wouldn’t be present on the day of their nuptials. We were going to put him to sleep a week before the wedding because he had suffered from five seizures, but Kelly said, “This is too much, I don’t want to do this and don’t give it to him anymore” so she arranged an appointment for a man to come to the house.

Author: Jen Dz Photography

Amazingly, Charlie began to feel better a week before the wedding. In the end, she claimed, it appeared as though he was telling himself, “No, I want to see this.” “He is improving. He appears to be a brand-new dog.

Author: Jen Dz Photography

Charlie did go to his favorite person’s wedding, and their touching exchange there was evidence of it. Thank goodness Jen Dziuvenis, a wedding photographer, managed to capture these amazing moments.

For certain occasions, there aren’t enough mascaras in the world, claims Jen. “This is how love seems. An animal-loving family… The demonstration is the most stirring I’ve ever witnessed.

Charlie was put to sleep a week later and раssеd аwау painlessly in his family’s presence. Jason and Kelly will never forget him! “The past 15 years have been wonderful. That much is certain, Kelly added.

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