Aftеr discоvеring thе аbаndоnеd pit bull puppу wаndеring thе strееts аlоnе, а pоlicе оfficеr аdоpts him.

Sometimes all you need to get through the day is a little nostalgia, and that’s precisely what I’m here to do for you today. If you’ve been following the feel-good buzz of uplifting dog stories for a while, you probably remember the January 2021 story about the strаy pit bull puppy that a New Jersey police officer adơрted after finding it wandering around an industrial area in the town of Mount Laurel.

The gray-and-white dog was discovered on January 2 of last year by Mount Laurel Officer Matthew O’Hanlon traveling alone with no collar and a tiny wound on his head. The little animal was taken by O’Hanlon and taken to the Burlington County Animal Shelter in Westampton for care. That would typically be the end of an officer’s interaction with a strаy animal. O’Hanlon, who had been searching for a puppy of his own, however, couldn’t stop thinking about the little animal.

“I contacted the shelter and informed them that I wanted him 20 minutes after I dropped him off,” O’Hanlon said on Good Morning America.

The shelter attended to the puppy’s head injưriеs after scanning him for a microchip and waiting for a potential owner to step forward and take the dog home. When no one intervened, O’Hanlon went back to the animal shelter and took the 3-month-old puppy home by himself


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