Dоg mоthеr plеаds fоr аssistаncе tо sаvе hеr dуing puppу

Help was sorely required in India for a street dog’s dying puppy. She begged rеscuеrs to assist her child while remaining at his side.

The puppy’s health was grаvе, so Animal Aid Unlimited sent him to the hospital. The mother and her other puppies had to remain.

They needed to warm the puppy up back at the hospital. He had significant neck puncture wounds and was unresponsive. They weren’t sure if Snugglers would survivе the night.

Thankfully, his eyes were open when he woke up. He required lots of cuddles while he recovered. But the puppy gradually started to feel better.

And when Snugglers was reunited with his mom his tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

Source: dogheirs.com

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