After being discovered wandering into a village, a man adopts an ab.andoned bear cub.

This story speaks about a malnourished bear cub, that was wandering a village looking for food! The cub was seen by a farmer called Nikolay, who decided to help it and take care of it.

Nikolay now has a completely different pet, that is too young to be allowed into a zoo, and too young to survivе in the wild alone! Nikolay gave the cub food, comfort and shelter on his farm.

At first, the farmer contacted relevant authorities to have some advice to know how to deal with the cub! But every time, he got answers he did not likе such as returning it to the wild or putting it to sleep!

Along with some other huntsmen, Nikolay searched the nearby forests for 2 days in hopes they could find its mama, but no avail!


Finally, the bear, who was named Vasilisa, was issued a “passport” by a committee at the village, so, he can live in the town illegally. Furthermore, a plan is made by Nikolay to build a massive enclosure for the bear, with an observation area to be able to check up on him regularly.

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