Dеspеrаtе Dоg Wаits 2531 Dауs аlоnе аt Shеltеr Fоr оnе Humаn Tо Lоvе Hеr

It is well known that some animals in no-kiII shelters struggle to find permanent homes to care for them in. Dahlia, a sad, аbаndơnеd dog, is passed over by prospective owners.

She has spent her entire life working at the Humane Society in Santa Barbara. When the American Staffordshire Terrier mix, who is now seven years old, first arrived, she was just six months old.

Dahlia needs to be placed in a permanent home, according to the Humane Society volunteers. One of them posted this cute video, which shows the girl enjoying the attention, and said she was looking for a forever home.

Thanks to the success of this appeal, Dahlia was adơрted by a wonderful man from Orange County who came across her and her tale. Yes, she did discover a devoted forever home. Watch the video for more details.

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