When the family he believed he had Iost forever returns, the shelter dog reacts with the best emotion.

When a staff member arrived at work one morning in January, he or she saw a cow chained to the fence outside the Louisiana SPCA.

When he was originally brought into the shelter, the poor dog was rather terrified and didn’t appear to know what was going on.


NeNe Lewis of the Louisiana SPCA told The Dodo that the animal was “extremely frightened and would low growl when meeting new people.” He would stop when offered rewards and when someone “baby spoke” to him. His response is understandable given that he was discovered bound to our fence.


Cow grew more at ease with his existence at the shelter as time went on. The staff had been trying to find him the ideal replacement family for two months when they finally came across something even better: the family he’d Iơst.


The shelter learned in March that Cow had a family who were seeking for him. They were ecstatic to learn that he had been found because it appeared likе he had been kidnapped from them and ended up at the shelter.

Cow was nice and pleasant with everyone at the shelter because he had grown accustomed to them, but when he finally met his mother again, he experienced a degree of joy that no one had ever witnessed in him.

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