An еldеrlу mаn dуing оf cаncеr sоbs аs hе bids his dоgs fаrеwеll.

Death and diseаsе have always served as a merciless reminder of the transient nature of life. This is the heartbreaking story of a dying Grandpa and his two devoted dogs, Arong and Asoon, who are haunted by their impending demise. This is a tearjerker, so keep your tissues close at hand.

Arong and Asoon were more than just pets to Grandpa; they were his family. He cared for and raised them as if they were children, while the dogs’ entire world revolved around their elderly human. Their happy little paradise was shattered when Grandpa was diagnosed with cаncеr. He was becoming haggard and weaker by the day, but he continued to look after Arong and Asoon to the best of his ability.

Grandpa had a stroke and collapsed one day, and he had to be rushed to the emergency room. The verdict was unequivocal: the poor man didn’t have much free time. Even when his vitality was slipping through his fingers likе sand, all he could think about was his two adorable dogs.

Arong and Asoon were filled with worry while Grandpa was in the hospital. They’d cry and moan as if something terrible was about to happen. While Grandpa was away, a caring neighbor looked after the dogs’ needs, but the dogs were inconsolable as they contemplated the terrifying future.

In this video, we see a partially paralyzed Grandpa confronting his terminal illness and deciding to do the right thing by his furry children. He laments over being a “incapable” old dad to Arong and Asoon, and breaks down in tears as he resolves to “not hurt them twice”. He gives the pair to an animal welfare organization in the hopes that they will live happily ever after.

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Arong and Asoon are brought to the hospital to say their final goodbyes to their beloved human before being handed over to the welfare group. However, the dogs intuitively recognize that this is their final moment together and rеjесt the arrangement outright. They turn away from Grandpa and whine quietly, indicating that they are not yet ready to let him go.

Arong and Asoon’s depressed expressions express their acute awareness of the precarious situation. They are aware that Grandpa’s end is near, but they remain in denial and beg him to stay a little longer. Words fail us as we witness Grandpa’s heart shatter into a million pieces.

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