Pit Bull who was bIind cried out for help but no one came till she heard a woman.

The blind Pit Bull in this tale was аbаndơnеd in the woods and yearned to be rеscuеd, but no one came. Before a rеscuеr from Lucky Dog Refuge was able to use food to entice her out of the deep woods, she was on the verge of giving up. They could see every bone in her body when she stood up. It was utterly shattering to the soul. As she starved gradually, she had given up. She was waiting for her angels to arrive when a rеscuе team came across her. She was trying to remain warm by curling up in a ball.

Image Credit Source: The Dodo – Facebook Video

They chose to give her the name Halo. She was in too much suffering, and it was almost necessary to put her down tragically and humanely, which is why this name was chosen. This, however, was not the case. We assure you that the tale improves.

Image Credit Source: The Dodo – Facebook Video

Halo had previously been in a medical foster family before moving in with Stacey. No one gave up on Halo despite her iffy condition. Although she was entirely blind, the veterinarian could not stop her from wanting to be among people.

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