When a dog accidentally crashes a pool party, everyone is ecstatic.

Two dogs were lingering at the yard’s edge outside the fence as a group of pals were having a pool party.

Since the dogs appeared to be trying to enter, many partygoers moved over to examine them. One of the dogs had a tag, so they opted to let it hang out inside the yard while they searched for its owners.

One of the dogs was a little wary when it first entered the yard, but the other knew he would be joining the fun right immediately.

“At that time, some of us were on the deck, some in the pool, and others out in the yard,” Jennifer Motes, one of the visitors, recalled to The Dodo. The golden started to run around, wag its tail, approach people, and receive pets as soon as it was ready to party. The shepherd was much more reserved and originally stayed in the yard, but when she saw her partner up there, she came over and joined us.


The golden retriever, later named Stoker, was clearly having a great time. He immediately joined the excitement, racing around playing fetch, begging for food, stealing shoes, and eventually jumping into the water with everyone else.


According to Motes, after numerous poolgoers had pushed the innertube raft nearly to the brink, Stoker jưmреd right on it. He had fun swimming, drifting about the pool, and getting patted and loved. The shepherd watched us from a distance, letting some of us pet her before pursuing Stoker because she lacked the guts to jump into the water.

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