Shelter’s Oldest Resident Gets A Standing Ovation When He Finally Finds A Home

Although occasionally not all of the animals do, the goal of animal rеscuе shelters is for the animals to recover and find homes as quickly as possible.

When Big Mac initially arrived to the McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, he showed signs that it might take him some time to find a family.

Despite being a large dog, the pet was having problems settling in at the shelter since he was so wary of new people.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

Lauren Mann, the shelter’s advance manager, told The Dodo:

It was evident that she didn’t immediately trust others, despite the fact that we don’t know much about her life before she came to us.

In order to approach him after gaining a little of his trust, Lauren would entice him with treats to allow him out of his kennel or while he was in the play area. Big Mac formally enrolled in the shelter in December of last year after his owner decided to surrender him since he didn’t have time.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

The volunteers at the shelter saw that Big needed a sympathetic and understanding person who could assist him in realizing that not everyone is evil. The timid Big Mac, however, ultimately passed the other shelter occupants in age as time went on.

After spending more than 260 days in the shelter, Big Mac was thankfully able to find a permanent home because of a miracle that no one could have foreseen.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

One of the volunteers agreed to let the fearful little dog live in her home, but after a few days, she grew very attached to him. Because of this, she did not hesitate to adơрt him and went through the proper procedures to do so.

As Lauren put it

My coworker said that the first night after she took him in to take care of him, he slept nonstop for 12 hours.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

He started playing with his house dog and even wanted to play with the house cats because he felt so confident.

Her words are:

He made a 180-degree turn, and he was an excellent dog all around.

Before totally departing the shelter, Lauren and her team wanted to do something special to honor her moving adơрtion event.

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