Dоg еxprеssеs His аpprеciаtiоn tо thе Pеrsоn Whо Sаvеd Him Frоm Dеаth Rоw

Hutson, Schenley When Kirk noticed Gregory’s name on the Franklin County Shelter and Adoption Center in Ohio’s euthanasia list, she felt she had to take action.

The little beagle, who was probably left behind by his owners when he was found wandering close to Obetz, Ohio, appeared to be in excellent shape with one exception.During his health and behavior evaluation at the shelter, his heartworm test was positive.

The 2-year-old dog was extremely friendly and full of energy, but because of a medical problem for which the shelter estimated that $400 in treatment, he was designated as a “rеscuе only” pet.


Gregory was fortunate that when she and her husband Joe created Hound Rescue and Sanctuary, they realized how much the small pup still had to offer. They sacrificed everything to keep him alive, never anticipating any gratitude from the dog in return.

They were in error.


According to Kirk, who stayed at home to take care of the other rеscuе dogs, her husband took the day off work to visit the animal shelter. He decided to take a few selfies of our new rеscuе while we were driving home, which I reprimanded him for doing because he shouldn’t be taking photos while driving. However, I couldn’t really argue with him given the quality of the pictures he took.


Despite the fact that Gregory had only just met Joe, he intended to get as close to him as he could during the two-hour “freedom ride.”

Gregory’s leash was just long enough for him to reach Joe’s shoulder while tethered in the backseat for security. When Kirk received Joe’s text including the images, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

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