Wơman Taкеs Hơmе Dying ShеItеr Dơg Sơ Shе’II Knơw What It’s Liке Tơ Bе Lơνеd

Just from looking at her, you could tell that Grandma Dot hadn’t had an easy life, with her skinny body, roughed-up ears and dull coat.

Several months after she arrived at the LifeLine Animal Project shelter in Atlanta, the veterinarian delivered extremely unwelcome news: The deaf and elderly pit bull, who’d likеly never lived inside a home, had a cancеr that couldn’t be treated.

Some might have opted to end Grandma Dot’s life at that point. She’d been at the shelter since February.

But staff at the LifeLine Animal Project became more determined than ever to find this friendly, gentle, dying dog a home with someone who would become a foster hospice parent.

The shelter would provide medication and other support, and the “fospice” parent would make sure Grandma Dot’s best days were still ahead of her.

“She is so loving that she deserves to know what it’s likе to be loved back,” Karen Hirsch, a spokesperson for LifeLine Animal Project, tells The Dodo.

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