This Massiνе Saint Bеrnard Is RеaIIy A CưddIе Bưg In Disgưisе

Rumi is a super big boy but that means there is just more of him to love!

Rumi the Saint Bernard is a big dog. He weighs 200 pounds, which is huge for any breed. His groomer calls him a cuddly cloud and she would know!

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Rumi is the biggest dog she’s ever groomed. But despite his massive size, Rumi is a gentle giant. He has a super-sized heart to match his jumbo-sized body.

Saint Bernards are known to be playful, charming, and inquisitive, and Rumi is no different. They are working dogs that normally grow up to weigh about 180 pounds for males, so Rumi is about 20 pounds heavier than most.

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Despite their size and work ethic, Saint Bernards make great family companions. According to the AKC, they get along well with kids and are considered “nanny dogs.” Who would want to mess around a kid with one of these dogs?

Saint Bernards are one of the most highly recognized breeds. They are often used in search and rеscuе and can be seen on television and in movies. On the scene, they’ll usually be shown working in the snow to savе people after an avalanche, Iơst in a snow drift, or rescuing those who have been in a skiing accident, carrying brandy around their necks (which is actually a myth).

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Saint Bernard’s originally came from the Alps in the 1600s. They are a very old breed but today can be found all over the world, living all sorts of lifestyles. For instance, Rumi is from New York, about as far from the Alps as you can get.

On this day, Rumi is getting a bath and deshed. That way he doesn’t leave his massive amounts of fur all over his family’s home. Thankfully, Rumi enjoys his groom because he would be more than a handful if he didn’t.

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