Starνеd Pittiе Gеts Bеttеr By Trying Tơ Dơ What Hеr Fơstеr Brơthеr Can Dơ

When her future foster mom first saw the super skinny dog at the shelter, the dog was so weak that she was unable to walk. The foster knew she wanted to help so she had the staff carry the dog to her car so she could take her home.

The sweet pittie was nothing but skin and bones when she arrived at her foster home. She would need lots of TLC to savе her. Thankfully, she found a family willing to nurse her back to health and do all they could to help her recover.

On her first day with her foster family, they put her in a pair of pajamas to help protect her skinny body and gave her a fluffy bed to rest in. The start of her recovery would begin the next day so on the first day, she got loved on so she would feel at home.

Khaleesi was very fragile and would need to be slowly nursed back to health. At first, they fed her 3 ounces of food every 30 minutes. When she gained a bit of strength, they began to encourage the boney puppy to stand up and take a step or two toward her food dish.

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She slowly got stronger but was still painfully skinny. Yet, she made progress and before long was able to take 10 and then 20 steps toward her food all on her own. Each day, she took a few more steps.

Soon Khaleesi was walking 40 feet and then around the yard. She began to put on a little weight all the while being cheered on by her foster family. She also had her own emotional support dog in the form of a 70-pound pit bull named Sonny, who was intuitively very gentle with her.

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Sonny also seemed to know exactly how to help Khaleesi recover. Soon his gentleness turned to play and from there they were playing tug, which was helping Khaleesi get stronger each day. She also wanted to do what Sonny could do so in a way, his friendship was challenging her to continue to get stronger.

Before they knew it, Khaleesi’s turned a corner. Her adorable personality began to shine through her pain. She was getting healthy and soon was zooming through the house with her best friend, Sonny

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