120-Pơưnd PitbưII WеIсơmеs Abưsеd ShеItеr Dơg Tơ Thе FamiIy

The first time they met the gray pittie puppy named Bear, their hearts melted. And, even though they weren’t looking for a dog, they adơрted him anyway.

Unwanted by his previous owners, Bear quickly became the first kid of the Weishaar family. He was the much-loved baby of the family. At first, he was just likе a toddler but he quickly grew into a 120-pound dog.

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Bear grew to be a super sweet cuddly boy who is addicted to socks. He loves to play and was the center of his parent’s world. He was a happy guy so when his parents met another dog named Chuy at the shelter, they weren’t sure how Bear would feel about a new dog.

So, they decided to allow the two pups to meet and drove Bear to the shelter located an hour away. Happily, the two pups instantly hit it off and Chuy was soon on his way to his new forever home with Bear by his side.

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Chuy had been in the shelter for over a month and it was clear he had a hard life. He had some issues to work through but that didn’t stop a close friendship from forming between the two dogs.

In fact, on his first night in his new home, Chuy slept in the same bed as Bear and the Weishaar’s. From then on out, the two dogs have been inseparable buds that love to play even though they are very different from each other.

Bear grew up living the good life and was a spoiled guy. Meanwhile, Chuy had a rough life and was just grateful to have food and a warm place to call home. He easily got stressed and scared but with lots of love, he slowly started decompressing but it took three years.

Bear is still the baby, but Chuy provides his family with lots of emotional support. But both pitties are super loved and adored by their humans and each other. Together, the family can get through anything with the adorable dogs by their side.

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