Abưsеd GơIdеn Rеtriеνеr AImơst Gaνе Uρ Bưt Hеr Nеw Friеnds Rеstơrеd Hеr Hơρе

When Asher House first laid eyes on the sweet golden retriever, they knew three things, she’d been used for breeding, she was very scared, and they would help her.

She was found in a yard and appeared to have been dưmреd. She was hurt and unable to eat. The woman who found her tried her best to find her family, but she went unclaimed and unnoticed, so Asher House stepped in to help.

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Despite her fear, she allowed herself to be lifted into the van so she could be taken to the sanctuary. They suspected she’d be abused but despite that, was a gentle soul who didn’t deserve the abuse she received.

When they got to the sanctuary, she was too scared to leave the car. She was comforted as best they could and then lifted out of the van the exact same way she had to be placed inside and then carried into her new home.

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Once inside, it was clear that she was very afraid. But now, she was receiving love and attention and would be fed a soft meal that she could chew. She was warm and safe, but it would take her a while to understand that.

But despite her hunger and heartbreak, at first, she was unwilling to eat. But with some coaxing, the decision was decided she was willing to try, and even though was on the edge of giving up, still had some glimmers of hope left in her.

All night, they stayed with her even though she distanced herself. She was still afraid but now it was morning, and would she find comfort with the other dogs living at the sanctuary? They would soon find out.

So, they went outside to meet some other dogs who rushed into comfort and protect her. It was as if some of the other dogs realized she was fragile and in need of lots of reassurance and love from the humans and her new furry friends.

By day 5, the dog they were now calling Lucy made great progress and went outside on her own for the first time. She began to play with the other dogs and her sweet face looked much happier. She was getting better and better and really coming out of her shell.

Her first pact walk with her new family was leading her to all the wonderful things that her future would bring. Never again would she be abused or know an unkind world. Her days of being used for breeding were over and now she could be the dog she was born to be.

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