An Abandоnеd Puρρy Is Rеsсuеd Off Thе Sidе Of A Busy Rоad Just In Timе

For these dog lovers, the sight was unbelievable. A disoriented little puppy was walking all alone down the side of a busy road.

When the good Samaritans saw him, he was only a few feet from the cars whizzing by. They knew they had to do something to help him before he was hurt or kiIIed by the traffic.

So, they stopped to help but had to be patient so as not to frighten the dog. They were fearful that the puppy might bolt into traffic so they were careful to make no sudden moves that might startle the dog.

They patiently waited near the puppy hoping that the dog would get comfortable enough to approach them. Finally, an hour later, the magic happened. The puppy allowed itself to be touched so they could finally bring it to safety.

But before they could bring the puppy home, it needed to go to the vet. Once there, it was diagnosed with demodectic mange and given medications and shampoo for special baths. It was also covered in fleas and ticks.

Despite the puppy’s health problems, it was adorable and so sweet. Once at its foster home, the grateful puppy began to feel better and really begin to blossom. After some medicated baths, the physical healing began.


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